Trade Diggs for Matty Ice?

In a 10 team league, half ppr

My current qbs are Brady and rivers, currently sitting in 2nd at 8-2 thinking about upgrading before playoffs.

An opposing team has both Cam and Matt Ryan, and is slim in WR however I am slightly too.

Current WRs: keenan, diggs, Sanders, miller

Going forward will have kamara Michel and Chubb to start as RBs and flex so I feel I can give a WR away.

Going to try to get one of his QBs for sanders or diggs, which do you guys think?

Wtf. No. Just no lol.

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What WRs and QBs are of interest on waiver in this 10 team league?

Lol appreciate the blunt truth. Just got concerned w rivers and Brady’s fantasy production lately. I know rivers has been having a career year but it’s not the most lucrative. What would u think about trading Brady and a mid tier rb or wr to snatch mahomes?

Depends on your definition of a mid-tier WR/RB.

Although given the mahomes mania, i doubt you can get him at any favorable pricing. I’d much rather target someone like Wilson/Wentz who have quietly been putting up great numbers both in real life and in fantasy but have been overshadowed by brees/Mahomes. Wentz is probably one of my favorites. He literally puts up 25-30 points every week. Maybe he doesn’t have the 40 points ceiling of mahomes, but I’m pretty happy with a QB that doesn’t lose me the week and will let my RBs/WRs do the rest. And your RBs/WRs are pretty solid.

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Just grabbed wr Miller (bears) off waiver. Still on there is Larry fitz, DJ Moore, and tyrell Williams (already have Keenan though). Not much else there. Qb wise there’s dak eli stafford and Mariota.

I’d leave your opposition weak at WR and keep yourself dominant. The Possible (not even definite) upgrade at QB isn’t worth it imo.