Trade Diggs, Receive Freeman?

Standard league. I’m leading my league by quite a bit but just lost zeke for 6 weeks.

I’ve been offered Freeman for Diggs.

My other RBs are Bell, Gurley, Peterson, Drake
My other WRs are Michael Thomas, Crabtree, JuJu, Crowder

My team is stacked, but would this trade help or hurt?

Honestly man I take this trade if I’m you, I’m assuming that you run out 2 RBs 2 WRs and a flex? If so I think it would be great to run out Bell Gurley and Freeman weekly with Thomas and Crabtree as your receivers. Diggs is extremely talented, but very inconsistent. Keenum throwing him the ball, with the emergence of McKinnon, makes me definitely want to do this trade. I know Crabtree has a bye coming up but Juju is a solid fill in and having those 3 RBs starting weekly is league winning stuff. Also I don’t know if this means much but Atlantas fantasy playoff schedule is insane… saints, bucs, saints. Hope this helps and good luck!

I would do it if I was you. I know Freeman has been in a drought but he has a higher chance of getting TD’s each week vs Diggs.