Trade Dilemma -- Daniel Jones

OK, to start, the trade offered is Daniel Jones for Peyton Barber and John Ross 3rd.

– I’m considering a counteroffer of Singletary instead of Barber, and I think he might go for it. I’m also considering switching Ross for Ridley, but leaning towards no for that one, thinking that might be too much for him.
– Should I be trading DJ at all right now? Or hold onto him for a bit longer? I could use the RB depth, I have D. Cook, Carson, Penny and Gore.
– Added to this is the fact that the person offering the trade is my opponent this week. Maybe not that big a deal as I can likely ask the trade to not go into effect until Tuesday.
– But I may not have the luxury of waiting as 3 of my 5 WRs are currently questionable: Godwin, McLaurin and Mike Williams. My other WRs are Julio, C. Samuel and Beasley, and Beasley’s gonna suck big time this week, so I’d rather not start him if I have a choice, and LAC won’t really need Williams anyway so figuring they’re going to rest him. Basically if both Godwin and McLaurin end up sitting I’ll have 2 WRs playing when I need 3. There’s nothing at all worth picking up on our waiver wire. (I wouldn’t be starting Singletary this week either way.)

League is full PPR. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.