Trade dilemma

I don’t have a good rb2 and I need to trade for one. Should I trade Stefon diggs and Deandre Hopkins for CJ Anderson and willie Snead? my wrs after the trade would be Jordy, Sanders, and Rishard Matthews in the flex. What do you guys think?!

I don’t think that’s the right trade for an RB2, in my opinion, you’re giving away too much. Depending on your league of course, I think you should be able to either, get a better higher upside RB for those two guys, or trade straight up Stefon Diggs for a solid RB (even CJ).
To be fair, I think Snead is such an unknown commodity at this point that any trade with him in it has a little risk/reward built in to begin with, so if you are sure that Snead will do it for you, it may be much more fair to you than I think it is.

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No way. You’d be buying Anderson at the top of the Market. He’s never had more than 850 yards in any season (college included).

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I think I would have to agree that this WOULD NOT be a good trade. 1) Snead is just now coming back. Granted he’s expected/projected to be hot…but…we all know how those “projections” tend to pan out a lot of weeks. 2) Diggs has proven that he’s on the “looks” list with both Bradford and Keenum=big fantasy points. 3) CJ Anderson. Booker could be coming back soon. And…CJ just isn’t a reliable point maker.

Sneed is the definition of JAG. They actually drafted Coleman, and he’s looked good in Sneed’s place. Why replace him?

would it be more reasonable if it was Hyde and Snead. also its a standard league

I’d consider this two WR1s for a RB1 and a bench (possibly waiver wire) WR. I’d have to be absurdly deep at WR, and desperate at RB.

thanks for the help its a crazy good league everyone is trying to overvalue res cause their so rare. someone tried to get Jordy from me for Ingram and Parker I thought that was way too cheap for Jordy

You were correct

IDK. I’d still have to hesitate on this one as well. Hyde is such an injury risk and is questionable right now. He’s been incredible so far…it’s just that his injury history seems to ALWAYS be an issue with him. Sorry buddy. I know I don’t seem to be helping much. For what it’s worth…I’m right there with ya. REALLY struggling this year!!! Hope things work out for the best.

This one player in my league has Hyde Founette Demarco and CJ so I’m trying to get one off his hands idk what is a good offer though I feel like Hopkins straight up for CJ is fair or like Hopkins and Rishard Matthews for Hyde is fair too what do you guys think? I am super short at rb I go from McCoy to Wendell Smallwood so the rest of my team looks good I just want a solid rb2 without compromising a good flex.

or should I see if I can buy low on Demarco?

Don’t buy CJ. I keep telling people this stat to keep, because I don’t want to see them make a big mistake: CJ Anderson has never had more than 850 rushing yards in a season. College included.

Don’t feel bad. My RB’s are Shady, Murray, Duke, T West and Perine (newly picked-up). I thought I at least stood a fighting chance to start the season. Shit…I’m 0-3 so far. Had A-Rob and Kevin White (out for season) Also have Rudolph and Thielen who lost me week 2 with Bradford out. Just a crazy, crazy season already!!!

LOL…I’ve got Murry as well. Hopefully he’s got his mess straightened out. BUT…he’s been another one that seems to not be dependable this year. SMH.

maybe ill just buy Doug Martin cheap since I have a good flex and diggs could make up for lack of production from rb2

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how does that sound?

I’d definitely do that if I could. However, I own him in literally 100% of my redraft leagues:)

I’d feel a lot more comfortable with that move than the others you’ve been considering. I think Martin will be a great play most weeks!!!

Alright ill let you guys know how that goes. One last thing, what do you think is a good offer for Martin? Sanders maybe or is that too much? Thanks for the help! I literally joined foot clan an hour ago and its been more help than me overanalyzing everything all I did was look at flex rankings, consistency and forums and now I know what I should do haha.