Trade dion lewis, breida and josh gordon for leveon bell?

10-team, standard scoring league. A guy in my league is trying to get bell for these 3 players, the guy who has bell doesnt have many rbs, just dalvin cook as his rb2 and tevin coleman in the bench.
And the guy trying to get bell already has gurley and christian mccafrey as rbs. As his WRs his with amari cooper, davante adams, tyler lockett and josh gordon
Who would win this trade?

Absolutely not, you’re losing this trade every day of the week and twice on Sunday…

I like Dion Lewis, but he’s in a timeshare right now and isn’t even the starter at the moment.
Breida and Morris will probably split down the middle 50/50 at best.

This isn’t even close to a trade I would accept, I would need at minimum CMC, Tevin and Amari before I would even consider trading away Bell.

makes sense, if i had bell i wouldnt do it either… but who knows, maybe the bell owner is desperate right now. I hope he isnt, a team with gurley and bell would be too much to handle in this league

I would pass. Seems as if you are giving up a lot for a guy that hasn’t even reported to training camp yet and might not even play Week 1.