Trade Dion Lewis for Njoku?

Should I make this trade?

On value alone I would say no, but it really depends a lot on your roster.

Doubtful that this is necessary to do. You’d have to be in pretty big TE trouble, or have really great depth elsewhere, to warrant this. Lewis hasn’t had a chance to show his worth yet.

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I agree, he does have some good depth so he could overpay to plug the hole for a couple weeks, but I’d recommend streaming until Engram comes back over doing that all day everyday.

Idk what TE to stream, Doyle is there, Hooper, seals, everyone else is gone

Hooper wouldn’t be a bad option against the Bengals at home with an on-fire Matt Ryan.

Even though he’s supposed to be made of ice…

Lol would you drop Goodwin and get him? Or Engram???

Oof. I woudn’t drop Engram personally since he’ll be back in 2-4 weeks. If you must drop someone, it’d be Goodwin for me between those two, for sure.

I assume you don’t have an IR slot?

Just a quick check. You don’t have an IR spot ?

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No IR spot

I cut Goodwin