Trade dionte Johnson for Josh jacobs

Hey guys I was just offered Josh jacobs for dionte Johnson…wasn’t sure what you thought about this…I’m in a 0.5 ppr league…since my running backs are lack luster so I take it? Thanks

Seems like a good trade for you. Raiders offense looks like there will be touchdown opportunity.

Thanks, I appreciate the help

Or do you think now is a good time to low-ball for jacobs? Thanks

Had Jacobs last year, just get ready for multiple injuries and TD dependency. If they are trailing, they will abandon Jacobs. Look at the Raiders schedule to see who they play the rest of the year.

I had Jacobs last year and wasn’t too happy. They seem like a much better team through 3 weeks of this season. Maybe Diontae has a good game this week as he might be the only guy (but might also see a lot of Jaire). I’m just trying to get my team away from the Pittsburgh dumpster fire.

Thanks guys I decided to keep dionte and countered with some low ball offers for jacobs