Trade Dissly for Chark?

Currently have Waller and Hooper and Dissly on my roster. Was offered Chark for Dissly. Don’t need 3 TEs so was shopping him for a WR. worth the trade?

Any opinions?

I think it’s possibly worth it depending on your team structure. Problem with Chark is that Foles will eventually come back. I would aggressively target those TE needy teams in your league and try to move Dissly and Hooper who are both coming off back to back great games. I personally would stick with Walker but you have three solid options.

Gonna try to get Courtland Sutton from him instead of Chark.

This is my current roster.
R. Wilson
D. Cook
R. Woods
D. Waller
M. Mack
C. Thompson
T. McLaurin
D. Robinson
W. Dissly
Darrel Williams

Aim for Sutton settle for chark

Sutton trade was declined lol