Trade DJ and Evans away?

I’m looking to trade those two away for an upgrade at WR just don’t know who to take with Evans not doing much the past two weeks and AB coming in.

QB Wilson
RBs are Hunt CEH Bell DJ Edmonds and Kelley
WRs are Evans Golladay Hollywood Jefferson and Deebo
TE Tonyan and Goedert

It’s a 12 team ppr league I’m 3-3 could be 4-3 after this week but still need to see.

I was thinking of taking a WR like McLaurin/DJ Moore/Boyd/ARob

Evans is almost worthless. He’d need to be a throw in and not a core piece of the trade.

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@fun4willis Would you try a 2 for 2 then for possibly Higgins and Melvin Gordon? Or would u even go as far as maybe Evans for Higgins straight up? Or am I shooting too low?

Possibly get more of you add Edmonds and do a 3 for 2 trade. If someone is say 2-5 and really trying to win

@plem There’s a team that’s gonna be 2-5 and his only Rbs are Zeke Freeman and Swift but has pretty good WRs with Boyd Claypool Godwin AB Kupp and Cooks

How funny is fantasy football?

Mike Evans has value again with Godwin out.

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@fun4willis Trade him before the game since he has value now? Or hope for him to have a good game then trade him away?

Trades are not something you can pull off the shelf.

ABT. Always be trading.


@fun4willis I got offered Higgins and Melvin Gordon for DJ and Evans. I kinda prefer the upside of Higgins and Gordon has a really good schedule ROS

Bumping for advice

Tee Higgins or Rashard Higgins (Hollywood Higgins)?

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Tee Higgins

Pretty even trade. I tend not to make lateral moves live this.

If you feel strongly about Higgins, go get your guy!