Trade DJ Chark and J. Robinson for J. Taylor?

I’m facing a team this week that is low on WR and has Adams that is questionable for play this week. He doesn’t have another WR on his bench for some reason. I’m trying to move off of chark and also had CMC god down last week. I need to upgrade my RB2 this week. I currently have drake as RB1 since CMC went down. I also have mostert out as well. Would you take this trade or should I add something in?
Current team:
QB Murray
WR1 Hopkins
WR2 Chark
RB1 Drake
RB2 Robinson
TE Fant
Flex Metcalf

R. Mostert (D)
D. Waller
C. Godwin
A. Rodgers
D. Johnson(Q)
R. Anderson

if you can get Jonathan Taylor get him as soon as you freaking can. Make the trade before it is too late

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absolutely do this. you have Godwin on the bench!
How did you draft this team lol.

Pure luck😂. Plus some dude took Antonio brown in like the 5th round. That’s how I ended up with Godwin actually.

Well after last night’s game, you could arguably get a 2nd piece for Robinson Chark