Trade DJ for Aaron Rodgers and Dalvin Cook?

Hi all, just received a trade offer. They want David Johnson and are offering Aaron Rodgers and Dalvin Cook. Full ppr league. Im not sure I need either but curious to see what you all think. Thanks!

Guy in my league wants my Dalvin Cook for Matty Ice, thinking about pulling the trigger…

This is tough one… Dalvin is still hurt, and IDK where he stand in terms of usage in the passing game… DJ should see more opportunity with the new QB and the offense looked better last week… I like the idea of locked and loaded Rodgers, but he’s been kinda busty and you’d have been better off streaming Bortles or Flacco… How much longer will that go on, and do you have patience to wait for Cook and Rodgers to come fully online and live up to expectations?

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Well said… that’s exactly my issue. Im not sure if I want to wait and see what happens down the road with Cook and Rodgers, especially with DJ seemingly returning to his old self hopefully. My qb is Rivers and while not as exciting, he’s been solid… will definitely need to sleep on it haha

I’d roll with what you got.

Thanks, probably smarter and probably what I will do…

I definitely would not do that. Your better off streaming QB and cook is becoming kind of worthless

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Would you trade Dalvin Cook for Matty Ice?

If you’re deep at RB and need a QB I personally don’t think that’s a bad trade at all…

i wouldn’t i would stream Qb and hold on to cook. there are still a lot of weeks left for Cook to try and get healthy. After all, he is still a starting RB

Did the trade, a little thin at RB, but I can trade away Alshon and Wentz/Ryan if necessary. While I’d love to stream, there are only 10 QB’s available right now as there are 22 rostered in the 12 person league! I am sure things will change but I want to be locked and loaded at QB just in case I don’t get anything better than Alex Smith or Marcus Mariotta for any given week. I know I should do the contrarian thing and only roster 1 QB, but myself and another league member were the only 2 doing that…

Nice! Gotta go with your gut and what makes sense for your league!

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