Trade DJ for Leveon?

should I trade David Johnson for Leveon Bell?

Im 3-1 and could handle a loss or 2 waiting for bell.

My other RBs are Jay ajayi, kerryon, buck allen and alfred morris

thank you!

Hmmm tempting, but I’d see about trading K. Johnson for Bell instead.

Idk if he would bite on that

Maybe try a combo package of Jay and K. Johnson for Bell. If not, idk if I would trade for Bell right now. Id at least wait one more week.

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I wouldn’t. Who knows if the Steelers play him or if Bell fakes an injury. DJ is heating up.

I can see that, also could see if lev plays like he has in the past too though, kind of a tough call

I traded for bell last week and was really concerned about some of the news that came out about him possibly faking an injury and the whole earl thomas thing yesterday. In fact I just traded away Leveon for Zeke. I would keep DJ if i were you as he is on the rise!

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