Trade DJ/G. Allison for Mixon/Bernard?

0-2 full point ppr keeper league. Looking for help and Ws. Does this sound like a good trade?? I would probably drop J. Allen for Giovani while trading DJ for Mixon.

D. Johnson
J. Howard
K. Johnson
R. Freeman
J. Allen

J. Jones
D. Thomas
C. Godwin
G. Allison
T. Boyd
R. Anderson

It’s hard to hang in there at 0-2, but it really seems like a fellow league mate might be exploiting your situation. Mixon’s injury could mean a lot for the outcome for the overall season, but you should be shopping DJ for a player that’s going to yeild short-term wins- not a risky injured player that might come back and have, best case scenario, upper rb2 value. Realistically your best bet would be to hold out until DJ produces a solid week of performance and then shop him to get a reliable rb that will at least have rb1 upside at least in a few matchups. Mixon is just too risky to lose out on the talent of Johnson- even if he’s burned you these first couple of weeks with Arizona’s deflated offense. In full PPR- bigger days could easily be ahead (and im speaking as a Johnson owner in PPR). Relax and keep your cool. I would also absolutely pick up Bernard if he’s still on your waivers. Opportunity+veteran talent = a perfect situation for someone in your shoes needing short term points.

I don’t like it. As Denny said, you want to shop DJ for someone elite who gets you points right now. Mixon is injured and Gio isn’t elite, so that criteria isn’t met. DJ also could start playing out of his mind at any given time.