Trade DJ High?

Would you try to trade David Johnson off a double digit game or wait to see how the offense shakes out with Rosen under center? I Was thinking of offering DJ to the RB needy Keenan Allen owner straight up after his last bad game. Standard league so RBs are worth a bit more but with the offense in Arizona being as bad as it seems maybe that’s a worthy trade?

I’m in a similar spot, but I think you have to hold on to DJ for at least another week unless you are stacked at RB. While DJ has underwhelmed, he has still be serviceable 2 of 3 weeks. We’re heading into bye weeks and injuries will continue to pile up. I’m personally going to hope Rosen can spark the offense and maybe look to sell DJ when he has a 20ish week. Otherwise, I may just ride DJ through the season. I still think he ends up top 12 at the position.

I actually made this exact trade yesterday. DJ has been a thorn in my side for two years (yes, I doubled down…) and the cardinals offense doesn’t give me much faith. I’d rather trust a Philip Rivers led offense with some other options to take some pressure off of Allen than trust Rosen/Bradford to set up DJ for success