Trade DMC to Zeke Owner for Ajayi?

Sooo yesterday, I happened to get the sleeperbot alert about Zeke before anyone else saw it and snapped up DMC in my league. The Zeke owner already has Morris, but his team is pretty much in shambles (despite being 2-3) with Eifert on IR, Zeke potentially suspended, Lynch and AP are his RB2 and FLEX.

I’m thinking I might be able to snag his RB1 (Ajayi) on the cheap given his recent performances. Would you do the following:

Trade away DMC and Cohen
Receive Ajayi

Rest of my roster is below:

QB: Dak/Cousins
WR: Jeffery, Pryor, Parker, Maclin (I lost OBJ)
RB: Hunt, Howard, Mixon, Cohen, DMC
TE: Ertz

Thanks in advance, all!

I would go out on a limb and say that if DMC is the starter (which we are all anticipating), that he could and would produce just as much as Ajayi will. Ajayi looks bad this year, and DMC will take advantage of a less-stacked box due to teams shifting their focus towards Dak

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If he was smart he’d decline that - but depends on how desperate he is. As an Ajayi owner I might consider DMC and Mixon.

but thats about as far as I can predict - thanks to bleacher report notifications I grabbed DMC 3 minutes after the report came out.

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Ehhhh - Ajayi is not looking bad this year if you watch the tape man…

It’s the play calls and a bad case of the Cutleria that gives even the Saints Defense the ability to read the play

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So would you trust the team to start making the right play calls as well as the QB play to step it up, or trust the starter on a team that is dedicated to running the ball, and has had solid QB play all year? I think I would stick with DMC. I at least would trade him for a receiver upgrade. Hunt and Howard are solid and I think it would be a risk going for Ajayi.

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The ultimate goal is to have your team in best position to win come playoff time. Unless you NEED McFadden to make the playoffs, your team absolutely looks better with Ajayi.

During fantasy playoffs you will only be playing your best people unless a certain match up is to good to pass up on. It is very likely McFadden, Mixon, and Cohen would not fall into this category baring any injuries.

I would say absolutely go for it, but as the Ajayi owner I dont think I would accept it.

Good luck

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Wow, nice… quite a few different outlooks on this! Thank you all for your inputs!

As @alexblainelater mentioned, I have no idea if the Zeke owner would actually accept this. But if it was going to take DMC and Mixon to get Ajayi, I wouldn’t do it. I think Mixon might finally get it going with the Bengals offense starting to come into form. He’s almost getting as many touches as Ajayi too, so… that’s not a trade I would make.

As @cblank1142 said, I definitely trust the Cowboys offense to be better overall than the Fins. The only point of contention there is that DMC (IF he’s the starter and IF Zeke is suspended) is only a 6-week rental. Ajayi OTOH, could come into form late-season if the Fins can get their sh*t together like he did last season. And I think this is point that @Yoitsdrobs is alluding to.

I agree that - if I were the Ajayi owner, I wouldn’t accept. BUT I think the Ajayi/Zeke owner is starting to get desperate looking at his bench full of suspended/IR/crap players lol. His WRs are Benjamin, Cobb, and Amendola. If they were any better, I’d be trying to get one of them for sure.

Very solid point about DMC being a rental. I still feel as if you could package him and get some WR help as opposed to a 3rd RB

@cblank1142 Out of this following WRs, who would you feel most comfortable trying to add from the Zeke owner? Mind you - I already got Pryor from him earlier this week lol.

Kelvin Benjamin
Danny Amendola
Randall Cobb

I would say Amendola. He gets so many targets in a high powered offense

If you could get Ajayi, it might not be a bad thing. If he turns it around, you have 3 solid backs and could trade one for a better receiver than Amendola

That’s kind of what I was thinking too… Take him as a “flier” right now that’s getting 18-20 carries a game. Logic would indicate that he should turn it around and start scoring with all those carries. If he does, ship him off for a high-end WR.

Thanks again for the feedback!!

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