Trade Doug Baldwin for Corey Davis?

Trade Doug Baldwin for Corey Davis?

no keep baldwin. He is the WR1 in a pass heavy offense. Corey Davis had one good week

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Yeah I don’t want to do anything hasty.

I would take Davis over Baldwin easily.

It’s not just one week. Dude has been leading the NFL in target market share since week 1. Currently has 33% target market share across 4 weeks. Ahead of JJ/MT/OBJ.

Owns 60%+ of the teams air yards.

Is crazy talented and the main weapon/target hog on the team.

Baldwin doesn’t have a single good knee. If Baldwin was 100% healthy, I’d take him easily, but given hes a 30 year old dude playing at <80% all year and 2 busted knees, I’ll take Corey Davis easily. I’ve been saying that already even before Davis blew up so it wasn’t about 1 week for me.


yeah baldwin has been injured as you know so you cant expect him to come out the first week he is back and post his typical numbers. Baldwin is a trade target for me rn

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really? Baldwin is an elite receiver with a pretty good QB. Also a struggling defense in seattle which means more passing!

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Read up. He’s elite when he’s healthy. He’s not goign to be healthy all year. If he turns out to be healthy for ROS, obv the choice is baldwin. That’s a risk I’m not willing to take when I can get the #1 and target hog on another team with all the talent in the world.

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I am not saying he will be 100% at all this season, but I think what happened to him actually will help him long run. He didn’t seriously injure the other knee and stayed out twice as long as he should have on it so that gave the bad knee extra time as well. If/when you break down his snaps and routes and see how he looks this first game back then that is something I want to be all ears on as, given my options, he may be in my flex consideration this week if Allison doesn’t get out of concussion protocol.

I like Davis though a lot given whats happening in TN. The offense started ugly with lots of issues and isn’t prolific but they have cut a lot of the weight. With no Walker or Matthews and Sharpe/Taylor as their #2 and #3 and Lewis/Henry only being average so far in the running game then it looks like that offense will be funneled through Davis.

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Id take davis all day. Baldwin is nursing injury and that oline is garbage and wilson even being a top caliber qb towards mid-end of season will not be as effective.

All signs point to Davis only getting better and possibly rising to a WR1. Titans offense sucked because of the horrible offense they used to run under Mularkey. New coach and more importantly new offensive coordinator and play caller Matt LaFleur who was the offensive coordinator for the rams last year who led the league in offense. They want to have an explosive offense. Davis has been getting targets but due to a wacky first game with delays and Mariota being hurt the last few weeks they haven’t been able to ramp it up yet. This was the first game that they at least had Mariota healthy and no crazy conditions. More offensive linemen getting healthy too. This offense is going to explode. LaFleur and Mariota know Davis is a weapon and they are gonna get him the ball.

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What you’re saying may be true but I’m not willing to bet on it. Maybe the rest was good or maybe that rest was what he needed to even be 80%. Sprains turn into tears. In fact sprains are basically just smaller tears. And he has it in both of his knees as someone who relies on short area quickness/agility to get separation.

I’m just going to have to pass on that risk. As a rule of thumb, I typically stay away from dudes with high injury risk, especially old ones. Which is why i own zero shares of Olsen, Eifert, Baldwin, McCoy, fournette etc. And it’s paid off for me in a big way.

Davis has injury risk as well but its more minor and honestly, his upside is through the roof. I’m just a davis truther so i could definitely be over valuing him.

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Honestly… I’m unsure if I would consider him elite… yes he’s the #1 but last year he didn’t produce at a high level and he played a lot of games. Even in a PPR league I’d take Davis over him at this point.

I think Baldwin is a top WR in the league. Not like top 6-8 elite but still elite. Probably the best slot receiver not named Keenan Allen.

He’s one of the only guys who runs out of the slot but still has a high ADOT and scores a bunch of TDs. He crushed in the 2016 season. Last year, that entire team sucked shit so not going to tank Baldwin on that one season.

I just don’t like the injury risk.

I think you also have to look at how Seattle is trending. It seems that they are trying to get back to the run heavy days. The titans on the other hand are trending more towards a passing offense with Lefleur at OC. I trust ML & his past as an OC more than Seattle’s OC

Seattle’s defense is bad enough they will have to pass. Just lost Thomas. Wright and Wagner been banged up. Kendricks is gone now with the insider trading stuff so he was only a stop gap measure.

Their OC does like to run a lot but healthy Baldwin put up great numbers with Lynch there. They can’t run any more than they were running him.

The one point I will make about this is that seattle has been able to run the ball and can force it because the teams they have faced all have pretty crap offences but good defences which has kept the games relatively low scoring. Den/Dal/Bears all had pretty stellar defenses but bears/cowboys couldn’t put up points if their lives depended on it cause Trub and Dak both suck. This allowed seattle to run the ball and eat up clock. Same applies to Arizona, even though their D isn’t great, their O sucks even worse so seattle could still run the ball. But of the match-ups coming up, hawks are going to be facing teams that can absolutely light up the scoreboard, especially now that seattle lost Earl Thomas. Look at their upcoming schedule:

Rams x2, raiders, chargers, lions. All teams with pretty suspect pass defense and can load up a tonne of points. In order to keep up, seattle is going to have to pass a crapload. I think right now is a good buy low opportunity on Wilson. Lots of people are selling and I am more than happy to be buying. We know what Wilson is. He’s a stud and he just got back his favorite weapon.

If Baldwin is healthy, he does have legit upside. Like I said, i just hate old injury dudes. I don’t want to take the risk myself.