Trade Doug Baldwin?

Considering how much they have run the ball, should I trade Baldwin or give him one more week?

One league that I have him in it’s full ppr, I might be able to get Cooks for him, it’s a full ppr league, I already have Kupp too.

The other league is half ppr. I do need a rb, should I trade him for Hyde? In that league I also have Lockett

Both leagues we start 3 wr and 2 flex in our lineups.

Thanks everyone!

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I have the same question. I think he can be super prolific and majority of the time he starts balling out in the second half of the season. But someone just offered me Will Fuller for him. half PPR.

IMO this is a roster construction situation. I have zero issues starting both Cooks and Kupp on the same team and right now you’ve got a chance to get cooks with known upside and get out of a situation with Baldwin that seems a bit up in the air.

In your second league I would say do it. If you need a rb and someone will trade Hyde for Baldwin than great, plus you already have Lockett and there is no way you’re going to be starting both Baldwin and Lockett each week because there simply isn’t enough volume to feed both.

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@quintana22 This depends on your opinion of KeKe. Do you think it has been a fluke the last couple of weeks or do you think he is legit? We’ve seen Fuller’s target share go down while KeKe has been producing. Granted the games we are referencing were a bit slower paced but it is something to consider before taking on Fuller.

I think Keke is for real, but I think he helps Will Fuller. The texasn now have 3 legitimate receivers, I think defenses wont be able to only concentrate on Hopkins and Fuller.

If that is how you feel, make the trade, but remember there are only so many targets to go around in an offense that really hasn’t been very good this year. Hopkins is elite and will always garner the majority of the target share. Fuller will get the #2 corner every week because he is the deep threat. KeKe is mostly a slot guy, I don’t think his production will help Fuller really because Fuller’s plays are mostly on the outside.

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Cool ! I’ll give Baldwin some time !