Trade Doug Martin for Brees in standard league?

Footclan, I’m in a dilemma! I have the following possible trades I can make:

Doug Martin for Drew Brees
Or Crabtree for Kirk Cousins

I need a QB badly because I have/had Palmer/Luck and there is nobody on the waivers except McCown. The rest of my team looks like this:

Zeke (I also have Morris and McFadden)
Kareem Hunt

Amendola and Martavis on bench

Should I do either of these trades?

Thanks all!

I really wouldn’t, think it really hurts you’re depth. I’d grab McCown, and is there nobody else, remotely playable in the future?

I agree, you’re pretty thin so I’d roll the dice with a waiver claim. Is Hundley Available? Also, why not do Zeke for a 2/3 for 1 Deal. QB1 and RB2 ? Dougie fresh already had his bye but I’d make sure you try and get a RB that conveniently plays the week hunt is on a bye. Good luck !

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Thanks guys, I grabbed McCown!

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