Trade down in 1st

Just got offered 1.09 and Damien Williams for 1.02.

RB depth wouldn’t hurt (mixon,mack,drake,foreman,mcguire,mckissic)
WR:Evans, theilen, Fuller, tyrell, david moore, gallup, richardson, J.Matthews the rest are all depth
TE Henry,Uzomah,huerman

I find my team is relatively balanced and depending on who gets drafted where I was thinking of trading down anyway. Is Damien Williams and the 1.09 enough for the 2nd?

I’d say so probably… unless you’re in love with one of these rookies, you’ll likely end up with the better value. Any chance you could buy Hyde cheap before making the trade?

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Just to assure you’ve got the KC RB

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I would have to do some digging and see about Hyde. My reason for trading down is because the rookies I do believe in are towards the back of the first, start of second (Hill, Campbell, Fant/Hockenson)

As mentioned I was considering advertising my pick anyway, I just don’t wanna do something douchey/against the spirit of the game and decline then advertise I am considering trading the pick. Granted guys have done that with players already so I cant see anyone having an issue.

I would highly encourage the Hyde pickup, but the trade seems good to me either way

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Unless something unexpected happens with Chiefs bringing in another rb, I would take this trade and look to get Hyde too. If Williams is the guy its hard not to imagine him being one of the better RB options. I think he also offers you more immediate success than any of the rookies.


I’d do this in a heartbeat, no questions.

Personally wouldn’t do this trade but that’s just me.

Think there’s a good chance chiefs just draft another RB this year. Williams is just an average guy who had some great games in a great offense.

He also has the 1.07 and 1.12. would you think any of the 3 picks and kerryon or fournette would be fair value and worth trading down for?

If you could get any of those picks + kerryon or fournette, you should take it and run. I would give up the 1.02 for Kerryon or fournette alone.

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