Trade Drake for Alshon Jefferey? Thoughts?

.5 ppr

Need help at wide receiver, should I pull the trigger or target someone else.

Rbs are - Gordon, Howard, Drake , Barner
WRs- MThomas, cooper, coutee, scantling , Amendola.

Help me out on this ppl

Your rb depth doesnt look very good.
Michel could be back next week that hurts barner, leaving you with only two rbs if you give away drake :confused:
Any waiver rbs that could help you then?

Josh Adams is a good pickup in my mind. I’d try to trade Cooper on his potential in Dallas and Drake to get an RB back who is perhaps less valuable than Drake (Collins tier) and a WR back with more value than Cooper (Robinson/Goodwin?)

At this point, i’d rather have Drake than Howard. Can you get Howard for Jeffrey?

I’m in 12 person deep idp league. The fact of the matter is the depth at the receiver and rb positions are scarce. Nobody in the league is stacked at either of these positions. So I am willing to give up a player to receive a anther player that will help me at that position.

Howard for Alshon is a possiblility. I’ll see what he says

It’s 2 rb, 2 wr and a flex format. So I have been rotating drake and Howard out of that rb2 spot which has been fine for me. Overall I think I need help at receiver rather then rb. I do not have a wr2 on my team.