Trade Drama - Looking for opinions

Hey All,

I wanted to get the Footclans opinion on this matter my league mates are having.
League settings for context. 12m PPR Superflex Dynasty.

Most of the league believes that trades should not be vetoed unless their is obvious collusion. This is not a case of collusion. We are all close friends and would never do that.

HOWEVER, the trade in question that went through and has completely shaken most peoples beliefs in the matter. We decided that it was best for the league to leave it up to a vote which needed a super majority of 7 of 9 votes to reverse the trade. Trading teams and commish abstained.

The trade was…

Aaron Jones, George Kittle, 2021 1st.
Chris Carson, Logan Thomas, 2022 2nd.

This is not a matter of trading 1 position for another since it is a RB/TE/Pick Swap. The team that traded kittle does not have strong TE depth either.

Would the Footclan gone against their stance of no Vetos for a trade like this?