Trade - Dynasty

Footclan! Would you take this trade in a dynasty?

Trade away: Hopkins, 2.05
Receive: Landry, Davis, 1.05

I’d receive a second first rounder, which could help me acquire the 1.01 for Barkley

Footclan assembly. Thoughts on this one, @BusterD @ty_nagy @Naptiva?

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I’m assuming Davis is Corey Davis

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Yup, Corey. Not Vernon. Haha

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hard to say yes. hopkins alone is a top 5 WR this upcoming year (far as my current projections go) possibly the number 1 WR. for that you give up another player in a 2nd rounder, and get 2 mid teir WRs, one who we dont even know if he is going to stay in miami yet with the trade rumors after franchise tag. and davis (also assuming its corey davis) who is a young up and comer who showed a lot of promise and of season. so a 3 for 2 basically, and you give up the better prospect by far. granted, getting barkley out of it would be a sweet turn of events. but thats not a given, and either way you still give up the best player with not a ton in return. if you have another stud WR and you need depth, then i consider it. if you are fairly strong on your belief you can make the barkely trade, i consider it too then. if you have a stud WR, and you are very sure you can make a trade for the 1.01, then i do it. but dont give up your 2.05. tell him its hopkins for all of the above. i know thats a small petty thing, but my value for young talent, even in the second round of a rookie draft, is high. some people dont value rookie picks because they can be hard to hit on. thats why you need as many as you can get, so you can hit more. plus, the 2.05 could be used in getting the 1.01. so for me, if all of those conditions are met, i do it. but still with a sour taste.

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Thanks! It is Corey Davis. And I’ve actually felt the same way as you. I don’t want to give up the 2.05, but he’s pushing for it. I told him that Hopkins alone is worth those 3 guys (maybe more). I do have another decent WRs in AJ Green, Funchess, Cobb, Godwin, Maclin, etc. Adding Landry and Davis would just add depth. Maybe the best thing is acquiring the 1.05 along with my 1.08.

But like you said, I’m pushing for the trade WITHOUT the 2.05… but I’m not sure he’ll do it.

Regarding the Barkley trade, I’m almost certain I’d have the best offer if I had two 2018 firsts, one 2019 first, and CMC (or Funchess) in the trade package.

I agree with everything @BusterD said. Try to get him off the 2.05 and use it for Barkley.

this is where i will just put my foot down in the trade negotiations. i tell them if they wont give me the value due a top 5 player, then thats the end of discussions. usually that goes only 2 ways. either they give up and take the deal without the 2.05, or, they drop it all together. which im fine with either. either you get the value you are due, or you dont and you get to keep a FANTASTIC player. a fantastic, young player in a dynasty. you dont lose either way. so long as those are the only 2 outcomes you take. i know barkley is enticing, but we dont even know where he will land yet. we know what we get with hopkins.

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@BusterD @ty_nagy solid advice guys. Thanks!

@BusterD @ty_nagy trade went through! I now have Landry, Davis and the 1.05.

I’m close to acquiring Barkley, or the 1.01!

Offer is
Receive: 1.01, Devontae Booker, 2019 second rounder
Trade away: Davis, 1.05, 1.08, 2019 first

Thoughts? I’m debating whether I should ask him if he’d take Funchess instead of Davis. Both are even in my eyes.

cool! did you still have to give up the 2.05?

i would try funchess for sure. if he takes it, great. otherwise the value is there. 3 1st rounders, for the 1.01 and a second rounder is pretty good value. i worry that barkely will land in a bad spot, or not be the player everyone thinks he is. but, moves of glory are not made without risks. i hope it works out!

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Nope. I’m keeping the 2.05!

Right. I guess I’m banking what I’ve seen and heard will be true. If Barkley ends up in anywhere in the top 10, I think he’ll be safe. I just hope the film and combine results don’t lie!

Do you really think Davis is better than Funchess? I’m worried Davis will not be as productive due to injuries and the style of offense in TEN.

well, i think he has a better chance to be great. with pieces dropping around him now or the near future, and a new head coach, i have more faith that the offense will move to suit him and marriota than i am for that to happen for funchess. plus in an even match between 2 players, when it comes to dynasty, you take the younger player.

as for not giving up the 2.05, nice! i had a feeling it would work without it. did you give him a final offer like i suggested? or did something else work? i would like to know if it is something else. might add it to my trading arsenal :smiley:

here is my biggest fear about barkley… trends. logic dictates that the trend of the young RB coming in and being a game changer is about to switch to something else. could be this year, could be next… but someone is going to fall victim to the trends of the NFL changing. for your sake, and most anyone elses, i hope that isnt this year.

Very true. Though Funchess is only a year older! My mind is telling me it has to be Davis. But last year was hopefully not a glimpse into his future. He was overshadowed by Matthews, and was injured for most of the year. Talent wise, it’s gotta be Davis!

Haha, I stuck to the offer. I had the mind set of not forcing the trade. I figured the 3 for 1 trade was fair, and he eventually took it. Like you said, I just had to wait it out.

Man, I hope so. I’m trading my picks and Hopkins for this. If it doesn’t work out, well that’s the nature of fantasy!

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You better hope you get him buddy

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Nothing you did sire. I was ready to make the trade. Just wanted to see if I could get more. We have access to the same info. Lol

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Hahah hello commish

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lol well this is awkward… i wasnt plotting against you or nothin. just havin a nice chat with marvin here. good ol marv.


Lmao. That’s what we are all here for lol. Love the #footclan

Busted!!! :slight_smile:

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