Trade -- Eddie Lacy for Darren Mcfadden?

I have Darren McFadden and a guy offered me Eddie Lacy for him.
In this league everyone goes to playoffs (yes it is stupid but I didn’t make it).
I am thinking do the trade because after first 7 games McFadden is useless and lacy will be there for playoffs and such.

It’s entirely possible Lacy is useless for 16 games. It’s also not out if the Question for Zeke’s suspension to come later in the season (He’s appealing it). I’m honestly not sure where is come down on this, but just wanted to put that out there for consideration.

I don’t like Lacy at all this year. SEA O-line is still bad. Lacy is still recovering from ankle surgery. And they still have Rawls & Prosise there too. Personally, I’d prefer to hang on to DMC for whatever suspension Zeke does end up serving and as a handcuff in case he were to get hurt. I think he has more value than Lacy.

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