Trade Edelman and Cook for Ingram and Moore/Fitz?

Is his trade worth? I don’t know how good Cook will be. I already have Allen, Diggs, Dj and Hunt.

With you already having DJ and Hunt I feel safe rejecting that. If Dalvin’s health rebound tremendously and this season’s inconsistency was all because he’s been trying to get healthy, you could have a legit RB1 on a potent offense versus the 2. Additionally, Edelman will always hold value because of his name. With you already have Allen (assuming Keenan) and Diggs and DJ and Hunt this sounds like a smaller league where you don’t need that trade.

This is a 12 team Half PPR.

Wow you sir must have swindled folks in trades! Congrats! I’ll admit I’m tempted to sell Cook now for Ingram but I not enticed at the idea of selling Edelman for Moore/Fitz but if you have Diggs and Keenan than you can do what you want. I think Moore is emerging as the true WR1 for Cam, whatever that means for fantasy production considering CMCC and Olsen are the favorites forthe scrambling Newton.