Trade Edmunds for Golladay


Johnson owner wants Edmunds.

Might be able to get Galladay. Thoughts?

I have Zeke, Conner, R Freeman, Lat Murray, Chase, M Sanders.

Godwin, Cooks, Gallup, Ridley.

I’d do that for sure. Golladay, Godwin and Ridley should be great ROS.

Any fear DJ injury is more and Edmunds could be a difference maker.

Might also try Carson for Edmunds and Cooks.

Edmunds will get touches and points for sure…but so will Golladay. It just depends on what you need.

Roster is above but not sure where to tweak.

Yeah, I saw your roster that’s why I commented

Cooks is unplayable IMO. If you start him it is a 100% gamble. There is a lot of talk about RB by committee and how you can’t trust that. The Rams are a WR by committee and Cooks is the low man. He takes the top off the D for Goff to throw underneath. I traded Cooks because you can not predict his role in the O.

Thanks. Will float out some trades and see what happens.

Any advice on a trade to try.

What did you get for Cooks.

I traded Cooks and Metcalf for Edmonds

You got Metcalf or traded both WR.