Trade Edwards-helaire and Mclaurin for Zeke and Odell?

Was offered Zeke and Odell for Edwards-Helaire and McLaurin. ReDraft PPR
What you think ? Which 2 would you prefer ?

I’d rather have Zeke & Odell


This feels like a double upgrade at this point. I guess you have injury concern for OBJ but I’d still take that risk.

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The injury risk for Odell is my concern, plus McLaurin has no competition at WR in Washington. But I love Zekes safe floor

Is this a redraft league or keeper/dynasty? In redraft I’d rather be in the Zeke/Odell side but dynasty the other


Redraft league

I’m not sure why people are still valuing OBJ so highly… I think McLaurin’s floor is clearly higher and his ceiling is way higher… Even if you view Baker as a big upgrade to Haskins, OBJ is competing with Landry (who has always been favored by Baker) and Hooper for targets… and he has to compete with TWO of the most talented RBs in the league for his share of the total offense… McLaurin is competing with a rookie WR converted to RB who has 33 carries to his entire football career… That’s the end of my OBJ rant.

What does the rest of your roster look like? And is this standard, PPR, Half?

Nice Rant!!! Full PPR 6ptQB redraft
I think with Odell’s talent, a bounce back is always a possibility. But i do agree the chance that he’s dun is there too.
Not including Helaire & McLaurin, I have Adams, AJ Brown, Gallup and D Johnson, Carson, Gibson