Trade: Edwards-Helaire+Jacobs or Barkley+Ekeler

Should I give up Edwards-Helaire and Jacobs for Barkley and Ekeler? 12 team hppr, 1qb/2rb/2wr/1flex

Is this redraft or dynasty?

Dynasty makes it easier and I would keep CEH and Jacobs.

Otherwise, in redraft this is a pretty even trade in my opinion. CEH and Jacobs I fee like has a higher upside, but also higher risk.

Barkley and Ekeler are more known commodities and will both be likely top 10-12 to finish the year. Ekeler with the new QB’s is definitely the biggest ? In this group but with their receiving Corp injury history, I think he’s still going to get a ton of receptions this year.

I would say this is team dependent. Both sides are great.

Want more upside because your team is weaker, I’d keep CEH and Jacobs.

The rest of your team is already super solid, I’d take Barkley and Ekeler.

Hope this is helpful and doesn’t make things more confusing! :crazy_face:

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