Trade Ekeler?

Even though we don’t know the severity of his hip injury, would it be best to ship him out and try to get as much as you can for Ekeler?

It all depends on what you can get. I would let the league know he’s available and see what you can get in return.

I wouldn’t panic sell because you would be selling at his lowest possible value (outside of a season ending IR status).

However, whether your league is redraft or dynasty, your record, and your roster are crucial input to the decision.

@fun4willis You do make a really good point. I’m not sure how many people would be willing to trade for him, or give up what he is worth because I’d this injury.
This is my roster, in a 6 man full PPR league and I am 4-3:

In a 6 team league, I’m holding Ekeler. Fewer trade partners to negotiate. Smaller market means less demand. Feel free to trade if he plays or has a smash week.