Trade Elliot Rb for Gurley, Gordon and Diggs?

Half point PPR 12 team. I got elliot, a. Jones , Tony pollard and rookie rb Gibson.

Should I trade Elliot for Gurley, Gordon and Diggs??

He has CMC already.

I would not. 1st, Elliot is a stud, and you have Aaron Jones and Gibson which Jones is a great RB 2 with RB 1 upside, and Gibson if cards fall right, has tremendous upside. Gurley and Gordon could very well be on their last legs. The only way to really do this is if you are hurting at WR and need Diggs to help you out. Otherwise I would stay put with Elliot personally!


You are right! Im sticking with Elliot. Thanks for the advice.

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Looks like you’ve made up your mind… but yes, keep Elliot.

Regardless of likes and not likes

I personally don’t want Gurley. Gordon, or Diggs on any of my teams.

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Bear in mind it isn’t really a 1 v 3 trade. It’s a 3 v 3 trade as you’d have to drop 2 more players if you made the trade so you need to account for the next 2 players you’d drop, as well as Zeke

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Definitely keep Elliott. Your RBs will be locked in every week.

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Thank you for the help fellas. This is what my team currently looks like right now.

You drafted well. I think your team is good.

I’m all in on the gibson hype

This guy bet $50 week 1 match. You think I can beat him?

I think you have the slight edge, your better at RB. But if Thomas and Evan’s go crazy against each other you could be in trouble.

That’s going to be a fun week 1 game

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Keep in mind when Michael Thomas gets points, I get points as well. Bwuahahah. All Hail Brees!! :rofl:

Not near as many though :wink:

Why is he starting the Bills back up running back?

Singletary is not a backup anymore. His a starter this year. McCoy is gone.

It’s nothing to do with McCoy.

You might want to check what Bills local reporters are saying. Moss has been dominating in the backfield,not Singletary

Then thats even better news for me. His weak in RBs and I’m strong with Rbs. Elliot and Jones for the win.

Gibson is now RB1 since they let go of Adrian Peterson. Should I bench woods? What WRs should I start ? Ridley, gallup, or woods. Pick 2.

You could go gallup and woods and hope the game becomes a air game. But I would slot Ridley In with woods. I believe in goff week 1 against dallas.

Though I think gallup may have the better floor, it’s always hard with Dallas they sort of have a lot of places to go with the ball. Beware of the blake out

I would keep an eye on cooper, has not been practicing with the team, that could help Gallup’s week 1 value