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Trade Ertz for Michael Thomas


I have Drew Brees and would really like to stack Thmoas as my WR2 behind AB. Trade partner wants Ertz straight up for him. I want to take this deal but I want to hear what the footclan has to say first. Standard scoring and I’m 5-0. Waiver options to replace Ertz- Brate, Henry, Doyle… Or could make another trade for a good TE but they are so few and far between this season, I will miss Ertz’s consistency.


I hate it, but i’m not trading Ertz ever if I own him. There’s 2 good TE’s this year, Gronk and Ertz. Beyond that is a pile of 3 point garbage that occasionally gets a 12 point week with zero predictability. There’s no way i’d want to give up guaranteed 12 points for a 0-12 range.


Stacking is nice but I would avoid it. I think keeping Ertz iis the best decision. I own Gronk in my big league, but I am currently trying to trade him because of his injury history, also, Im in desperate need of RBs. Ertz is healthy and playing extremely well.


Looking at it objectively, this trade also makes his team a lot better as well and he is right behind me at 4-1. I’ve gotten many offers for Ertz this year but maybe holding onto him is the smartest thing to do. He seems to be the steal of the year so far (9th rd draft pick). I think I will hold onto him.


Depends how badly you need another wr (who are your other options).

I’m about 90% taking this deal and streaming a tight end. The 10% is if youre already stacked at wr. You do lose consistency but you’re taking a top 10 wr. Plus as you said you can always make a move for gronk/kelce if needed


RB1- Murray
RB2-Duke Johnson
TE- Ertz
Flex- Parker
Bench- Montgomery, T Coleman, Crabtree, Thielen and Cooper who was dropped this week and I grabbed him to make a deal with.
Atlanta D

I think I could package some of this depth for Kelce or maybe Gronk


Tbh there s a lot of depth there in wr. If you were to lose ertz I’d try for a rb or find someone who’s take Thomas for a rb and do a quasi three way trade