Trade Ertz - Offer on the table

12 Team dynasty, half PPR and my roster is as below. Should I shop Ertz and get either 1 or 2 pieces at RB/WR back, upside guys/rookies or 1 likely breakout or take the positional advantage and potential top 2 TE this year and the future potential 1 when Gronk goes?

QBs - Stafford/Winston/Darnold
RBs - Zeke/ Guice/ CJ Anderson/ Breida/ Barber/ Clemet
WRs - Allen/ Baldwin/ Kirk/ Crowder/ Miller/Ross/ DJ Chark/ J’mon Moore
TE’s - Ertz/ Seals-Jones/ Jonnu Smith
K -Lutz

McDonald, Cook, Watson and Clay are all FA for 1 year plug ins

Other elite TE owners who wont be interested own for reference - Gallup, McKinnon, Penny, Collins, Washington, D.Freeman, Bell, Hopkins, Lewis, Jeffery, Hunt, Jones and T.Hill as players i can’t target if that helps.

I believe that Hertz might be a keep here. If I was you though, I would go after T.Hill in a trade. I like your roster but if you had one big boom/bust WR you could be better. I don’t love Seals-Jones but I know others do. He should be serviceable.

Honestly, I keep Ertz unless you get a great offer.

I did misread that apparently. I still keep ertz though!

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I would look to move Ertz for RB depth. Outside Zeke you are shaky there. Upside for sure, but no guarantees. Then grab McDonald or clay. They will be likely a drop off, but IMHO you need more at RB. Maybe include one of your unknown yet hyped WR in the deal to up the value of your potential RB?

Agree with the RB depth. Maybe you can pry a rookie rb off someone but if you can’t get an rb it wouldn’t be the worst thing just to keep him. It’s not like you have a locked in #1 TE behind Ertz

Thanks for the insight @Jwatson @octoberland and @Rossoj I’ll go fishing and see what’s out there in an RB trade option…will let you know

Okay so i have a trade offer sent to me, the first one in:
I give - Ertz, Crowder and Clement
I get - Brate, Cooks and James White

Now obviously i wont be doing this trade but the guy has been onto me about getting Clement for weeks (he owns Ajayi) so for a counter he owns the following guys:
RB - Mixon/Ajayi/Cohen/R.Freeman/White/Riddick/Perine/J.Jackson
WR - Brown/Cooks/Cobb/Funchess/Snead/Doctson/Austin
TE - Reed/Brate

I was thinking give him the three guys he wants but ask for Cooks, Cobb and Cohen or Cooks, Freeman, Cohen? Thoughts on that @Jwatson @octoberland @Rossoj or any other counters you would make, or guys from my side you would switch out. I really think i can get him to overvalue Clement right now and bite on an offer as long as he gets him and Ertz. I’ll just gamble that he doesn’t turn into the main guy for Philly!

In my opinion, the best side to the trade is what you already own. There are some questions to every player that is involved in these trades other than Ertz. He is a game changer and there is no reason to believe he won’t be good for a long time. Gets plenty of targets, has sure hands, and is extremely consistent.

If you can get Cooks and Mixon in a 3 for 2 I would go for that. Go big or go home sometimes.

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