Trade Ertz?

Long time lurker, first time poster. Hoping to get some wisdom from the FootClan forums regarding a trade request that I just received:

Zach Ertz (me) for T.Y. Hilton & Hunter Henry (them)

Standard league; I’ve got:
WR - Julio, Cooper, Parker, Marvin Jones, and Mike Williams
TE - Ertz

My sense is that this would be a pretty incremental trade. I’m losing, what, 8-10 points from my TE position switching from Ertz to Henry. I’m gaining… maybe that much back from running Hilton as my WR2?

Thinking I would drop Marvin Jones to make room.


It hurts because I love Zach Ertz, but I think I would do it. Sounds like this guy is reacting quickly off of the solid night Ertz had. I don’t see his ceiling being much more than that though. TY is on the ups for me right now, and obviously even more once Luck comes back. Trading Ertz for a WR1 and a TE1/high end TE2 is good for me.


The TE have been useless this year. Ertz is the best overall for me and where you drafted him is great value. With that said Hunter Henry’s snap count has continuously been increasing and Philip Rivers uses his TE. He is not Ertz but I think he points per game will increase and when Luck comes back TY will be WR1. He is producing with Brisset. I would do the trade.


Thanks for the responses.

I told the other team manager that I would be willing to make the trade on Monday regardless of what Hilton and Henry score provided both of them come out of Week 6 without any injuries.

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Whatcha gonna do now? lol

Henry is doing fine - well enough that I don’t regret the trading.

Just pushed through a trade for Ajayi & Snead for Hilton & Tevin Coleman. The recipient is 2-5 so I daresay he’s desperate and willing to try just about anything.