Trade ethics help

I need some opinions from the community. In my competitive family league, I traded Conner and Gallman for Saquon and Mostert. I made the trade with my dad yesterday. A few hrs after the trade he tells me he’d like to reverse the trade due to an encouraging injury update on Saquon that he came across.

I’m of the opinion that unless there’s some collusion, all trades are final upon acceptance. What do you guys/gals think?

Trade is done, so you’re not in the wrong for refusing to reverse it.

Once it’s accepted it’s a done deal.

Agreed. I made the same trade (saquan for Gallman, Michel and Guice) and was mad when the news came out yesterday. But a deals a deal. (in our partial keeper league, there is punishment for last place, so I was willing to make a lopsided trade for future keeper value and NOT getting last place).

A deal is a deal. Both parties have to live with it.