Trade Ethics- Should you be allowed to veto your own trade?

Here’s the case:

Two league mates agree on a trade before this past Thursday night game to trade Jordan Howard & Sanu (Team A) for Dez Bryant & Matt Stafford (Team B). The trade gets 3 of 4 required veto votes to nullify the transaction. During the Thursday night game, Team A’s Ty Montgomery gets hurt. The owner of Team A then casts the final veto vote, preventing Jordan Howard from leaving his team.

Is this ethical or unethical?

I don’t think you should be able to veto your own trade no. That’s another reason why you have the commish (assuming you trust him/her) only have veto power.

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You shouldn’t be allowed to. It’s unethical in my eyes. But you should’ve considered this before the season, because it’s unethical to change the rules midseason.