Trade etiquette


I accepted a trade today. I aquired Julio Jones for Michael Crabtree and Alvin Kamara. The trade will process on Sunday provided that it doesn’t get vetoed.

Here’s my question… since Crabtree plays tonight and is on my roster, is it wrong of me to play Crabtree tonight and Julio Sunday and “steal a week” getting to play both in my lineup?

I made a trade offer Tuesday night and it was accepted later that night, but it won’t go into effect until Saturday. It’s a good thing that none of the players involved are playing tonight, but even so it’s frustrating because I can’t make waiver claims until the 3 players I traded away are moved and I have bench space. As for your situation, I would think your host platform would eliminate that possibility, but if it doesn’t I don’t see why you couldn’t try it.

Nah man. You can play crabtree tonight and kamara, but no way can you play Julio. can’t imagine the trade will go through on sunday since Crabtree would be locked then.