Trade Eval for a RB

12 Man, Full PPR. Desperately need RB depth.

L. Jackson, T. Brady

J. Conner, T. Cohen, R. Burkhead, P. Barber

T. Hill, B. Cooks, R. Anderson, S. Shepard, C. Samuels, C. Beasley, D.K. Metcalf

Give: Tom Brady
Get: Jordan Howard

Give: Tom brady & DK Metcalf
Get: Jordan Howard & Alshon Jeffery

#3 (took off the table but could probably work it out)
Give: Tom Brady
Get: David Montgomery & Josh Gordon

#4 (Same)
Give: Tom Brady & Robby Anderson
Get: D. Montgomery & Alshon Jeffery

The original talks started with Montgomery, but he just responded with “I like Montgomery more” so now he wants to trade Howard instead.

His Team:
RBs - CMC, M. Gordon, A. Ekeler, D. Montgomery, J. Howard, M. Walton

WRs - Boyd, Chark, M. Brown, J. Gordon, A. Jeffery, D. Thomas

Really just trying to find a good RB2 to trade for Brady.
Is there any RBs that would be worth a straight up trade for Brady? I’m willing to package a receiver with Brady as well.