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Trade eval


Jay Ajayi + James White for Terrelle Pryor + CJ Anderson? Would you do it? Fair deal?


I don’t think I would if I have Ajayi. I generally prefer to have the stud player over the two mid-tier guys and Ajayi is the stud in this trade.


I’d pass. You’re not even getting a equivalent tier WR for Ajayi.


I agree with previous posts…there is not enough being offered to give up Ajayi.


Have to agree with the rest. Have Pryor myself and only hoping he’ll not let me down. Went RB early …and didn’t turn out too bad…WR and TE…well…just hoping for the best there. LOL. (see my post here)


BTW…I was 6 pick. Most in my 10 team PPR league hit WR hard. Which is why I grabbed RB while I could. Just think RBs go down so quick and are fewer and far between for TOPS and was more concerned about trying to stack those when I could. Unfortunately…LOL…apparently bad choice. Got kinda screwed on WR choices that fell to me.


Ya I agree, I would hold on to Ajayi


No way I would make that trade


whats your WR situation like?