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Trade Evaluation - Alex Smith for Alshon Jeffery


14 Man - .75 PPR League.

The Situation:
I regrettably drafted Amari Cooper in the second round, so I am without a WR1. (Larry Fitz or Pierre Garcon are my best Receivers atm) I have Tyrod Taylor and Alex Smith holding me afloat to until Andrew Luck comes back from my IR slot, so I was looking to deal one of these extra QB’s for a receiver.

The Trade:

I traded Jason Witten + Alex Smith for Alshon Jeffery in return.

Alshon is not the greatest, but more upside than a lot of my other WR Options. I had planned on dropping Witten eventually anyways since I have Charles Clay. (Chuck’s the Man!)

One Kicker here is I only have 4 bench spots.

So, thoughts on getting Alshon Jeffery back on a potential “sell-high” on Alex Smith?


I like the sell High play. No way he can continue that production all year.