Hey Footballers - thanks for your help. 2QB league. 3WR / 0.5ppt. 10 team

I like my team but want to consolidate a few players into an elite WR to give me more ability to play waivers. Specifically, i can grab Pollard on waivers…

TRADE: My DeShawn Watson + Chris Carson + Robby Anderson for his Michael Thomas + Justin Jackson*

*I have Austin Ekeler, my team is:
QB: DeShawn Watson
QB: Matt Ryan
QB: Lamar Jackson
RB: James Connor
RB: Devonta Freeman
RB: Chris Carson
RB: Ekeler
WR: Antonio Brown
WR: Chris Godwin
WR: Josh Gordon
WR: Robby Anderson
WR: Marvin JOnes
WR: Sammy Watkins

Thoughts?? Thanks!

I think it’s a fine offer, Lamar will be a great QB 2 and your WRs start to thin out pretty quickly (with great upside, but a lot of question marks). RBs look solid especially if you can pick up Pollard, and you’d be in incredible position if Melvin Gordon comes back. I would question if there’s a slightly better RB you can target from him?

First off, it’s Deshaun (simantics, I know)

Honestly, I feel you’re giving up way to much value for what you’re getting. QB’s are a lot more valuable in 2QB leagues and Watson should be the #2 on the year behind Mahomes.

I would offer Matt Ryan and Chris Godwin for MT but a QB1, RB2, and WR2 for a WR1 and a RB that might be seeing only a quarter of the snaps is a bad trade on your end.

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Plz don’t do that trade

Thanks for the comments what if the trade got me JULIO JONES and Nick Foles

Watson + Freeman + Anderson for Jones + Foles?

Nah I’m holding put

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Well actually that one is more interesting since u have Matt Ryan already and some decent backs

Don’t really care for Foles though

Your team is stacked. I would stay put on all of the offers you mentioned. If it were me, I would be trying to package Matt Ryan, Ekeler, and Gordon/Godwin/Watkins

You’re giving up way too much to get MT. Watson is my QB1 this season. And in a 2QB league, rolling with only 2 QBs is asking for disaster. What is Lamar gets injured? YOu’re going to be paying MT+ for someone worse than Watson alone.

Also really like Carson. If you really want to drop someone, just drop watkins and take Pollard.