Trade evaluation Help - Offered Connor

Need some advice Footballers!

Owner came to me saying he wanted Dak on my team.

Was offered Robert Woods, Kirk Cousins, and James Connor for Dak Prescott, Evan Engram, and Sammy Watkins.

My current team is
QB - Dak
RB - Sony Michel, Lesean McCoy, Chris Thompson, Peyton Barber, Derrius Guice, and Melvin Gordon
WR - Sammy Watkins, Julio Jones, AJ Green
TE - Evan Engram

Greg Olson and Jamies Winston are on the waiver wire for pickup.


thoughts on the trade?

Trying to see if I should pull the trigger before he pulls.

I would smash the accept button this trade…you are upgrading 2 major position and downgrading qb but only slightly big win. TE takes a hit but you can find TE on the waiver that will be fine.

you can then use the rb depth to pick up another wr/te…people will trade for mccoy/thompson

Thanks @boardereric9!

I’m actually a no on this. Woods is probably better than Watkins normally, but with Hill out Watkins is the clear WR1 for a top 3 offense, Engram looked like a top 5 TE in week 1 and will continue to get tons of targets, and Cousins passed 10 times in week 1! 10! Do I think it will be that low every week? No, but I don’t think hes going to be putting up the numbers he has in the last couple years throwing the ball 30-40+ times.

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RB1 and high end WR2 in Connor and Woods.
Tyreek out 4-6 weeks Watkins balled out this week, currently sell high unless you believe like ffhitman.
the capital invested, you’re giving up round 5-6 players for round 1&2-3. I’d do it. I’m comfortable streaming qb and TE weekly.

I’d accept this in a heartbeat. Connor is a Top 7 back, Woods is reliable as hell, and Kirk is fine. Trade high on Watkins (we know his injury history), Engram (he’ll be covered more as time goes on), and Dak (won’t throw 400 yards every game as they start relying more on Elliot coming back)

@failmatic, that is my thinking as well. I can stream with Winston, Cousins, Allen, etc. TE will be harder as this is a 14 person league, but I will try starting with greg olson. I think Tate will eat some of Engrams workload when he comes back.


Thanks! I agree about Elliott. Think Dak is underrated for fantasy, but I will trade a Top QB for a top RB any day. The team constantly state that there were 40 QB’s that got QB 1 weeks in a league with only 32 teams.