Trade Evans for Beckham?

Should I trade Evans/Bortles for Beckham/Goff in full PPR? Thanks!

As much as I am down on OBJ, I still believe he ends up better than Evans. I’d do this

I’d do that for sure. Did you know that with Winston at the helm Evans production is basically half what it was with Fitzpatrick? I think OBJ has better ROS production than Evans and Goff is an upgrade too.

Do the trade to get Goff, then flip OBJ for Thielen ++

Thanks, I took the deal. Hoping I can sell high on Beckham after he crushes Atl next week.

What’s thielen ++ lol thielen is literally the best reciever right now xD haha like #1 in scoring in my half ppr

As a thielen owner, I almost wouldn’t trade him for anything I’d be so hard pressed to give him up

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The Thielen owner in our league just traded him away this week for CMC and Ridley. We are ppr. Three on this board responded claiming the CMC side of the trade won.

Cmac is one of the exceptions for sure, but that’s a big time player, it’d be someone like him, Kamara and Gurley, but I wouldn’t trade him for another reciever I don’t think

Ok…may be wrong here…LOL…prob am. BUT…just tossing up food for thought. Every year some things tend to follow the trend of previous years and some things take a different turn. Concerning Evans…yeah…in past years Winston didn’t tend to target Evans as much as Fitz has while Jameis has been sitting on SUSP. BUT…can’t help but wonder if Winston might have been paying attention these past few weeks and might not tend to look at Evans a little more this year now after seeing what he’s done from Fitz.

Again…I’m no expert here, and don’t even profess to be great at making judgment calls…

Just food for thought!!!

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