Trade Evans for Julio

I’m in a full ppr league and I currently have Mike Evans. With the injury to Julio Jones the owner of him in our league is nervous about him and willing to trade him to me for Mike Evans. Is this a deal I should take?

Bump for advice

If you have a good WR2 or 3 to replace Julio for his bye week I’d probably do it. You’re past Evan’s bye week so that weighs in a decent amount. However, Evans goes up against Jenkins, butler, then patrick Peterson in that order. Julio has New Orleans twice late in the year too so if you make the playoffs he’s going to unload. Plus I prefer the Atlanta offense over Tampa. Julio always has some minor injury, I just pretend I don’t see the “Q” next to his name anymore.

I’m pretty stacked at the wr options. I’ve somehow managed to get obj, Aj green, Landry, maclin and Snead (and Evans at the moment)

Holy hell, glad I’m not in your league hah. Yeah I’d probably do it at this point. Targets are similar for both, and both players are arguably similar in value. So for me, I like Julio’s match ups better and I have more confidence in the Atlanta offense. You’re also stacked, so even if Julio sits out a game in the near future you’re not going to be sweating.

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Thanks for your input @aucordov!

I’d rather have Evans. None of those CBs concern me all that much.