Trade Expertise Needed

Hey! I’m being offered Drew Brees and Devonte Freeman for Alvin Kamara. My QB’s are Derek Carr and Blake Bortles, which sounds silly, but they have super easy schedules rest of season. Drew Brees has a harder schedule, but hes a better QB. Kamara and Freeman have similar schedules moving forward but Kamara is currently outperforming Freeman. Based on name and upside alone, I feel I should take Brees and Freeman, but I’m not sure if this really helps my team moving forward. Any advice?

I don’t think Drew is gonna help you as much as losing Kamara would hurt you. I like Kamara. Even if you think you want to look to move him, you can get a better QB or WR or something. He’s worth it

It would be a hard pass for me. I would steam matchups at QB, it may be ugly to do, but I agree with your assessment of their schedules. If you were to ignore the players names and just look at points I think the answer would be obvious.

No way don’t do that deal kamara is a stud…freeman far from wat he did last year and on his second concussion and Brees isn’t even putting up the gun slinging numbers anymore it’s jus his name…

Keep Kamara will be the footclan consensus here

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Keep Kamara