Trade? Ezekiel Elliott for Tyrod Taylor

Just got offered Taylor for Zeke.

I currently have Cousins as my only QB. Obviously a bad play if Zeke plays the remainder of the season, but could be an ok play if Zeke is out by Friday or next week.


Do you have some other good RBs to afford giving him up? If so I’d do it cause Taylor has one awesome playoff schedule.

I’ve got Hyde, Kelley, and Morris. Not a great stable, but agree with the playoff schedule.

Thanks for the feedback.

Im assuming you have no other back ups? It sucks because you just dont know what zeke will do and this is the last week for trades. I have tyrod and alex smith and Zeke, tyrod is a great streamer and is playing like a QB1 , with the uncertainty if you have another RB to plug in for zeke but if he isnt suspended he could win you a championship or atleast help get a win in week 10… He’ll be playing his heart out knowing he might be up for suspension and always will put up good if not crazy fantasy points

Having Morris youre ok to trade and Kelley is a goal lin touchdown threat… Make the trade perhaps if the deadline isnt over already.

Thanks guys. I ended up sticking with Zeke. I set up the trade, but couldn’t click to finalize. Haha. I guess we’ll see if I made the right decision soon!