Trade Feedback - Jones/Woods for Kelce/Thielen

I traded Aaron Jones and Robert Woods for Travis Kelce and Adam Thielen. Good move?

Rest of roster:

Lev Bell

I prefer the Aaron Jones and Woods side of that trade personally, but don’t blame you for making it. Woods is a couple years younger than Thielen and they are comparable players. Kelce is obviously a stud, but is over 30 now, so I’m not sure how much longer he will be elite. Jones on the other hand is more of a question mark. If the Packers end up paying him, I think you’ll regret the move. If he goes somewhere next offseason in FA, it will be dependent on where he lands.

This is in a redraft league, not dynasty. Wouldn’t have done it in dynasty. I was on the fence doing the deal but once it was made all my league mates thought I fleeced the other guy. Just looking for some outside perspective

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I think you did good, barring an injury to your other 2 starting RBs. Definitely upgrading your TE position is a big plus.
Though having RB depth can be beneficial as well. If all goes well, your on the right side of this imo

Same. Jones in for regression, but I see him still being able to put up 12 tds. I also place woods ahead of theilen

Hoping Thielen can get back to bigger target numbers. If he’s in the 140-150 targets I think he outpaces Woods. Having Bell allowed me to be flexible to ship Jones out and not have to worry about my TE spot the rest of the year