Trade Fitz + Cohen/Tevin Coleman for Julio?

I feel like Fitz is a good sell high candidate, and the guy who has Julio just dropped to 0-3. Is Julio worth it to lose out on those .5 PPR numbers Fitz could continue to see?

My team:

QB - Dalton till Luck comes back
RB - Devonta Freeman
RB - Ty Montgomery
WR - Fitz
WR - Devante Parker
Flex - Tarik Cohen
TE - Coby Fleener

BN - TY Hilton
BN - Tevin Coleman
BN - Alvin Kamara
BN - JJ Nelson
BN - Golliday

Yes do it for sure!

If he would take that deal definitely.

Eh…I just realized how ATL heavy my lineup would be then. Still worth it?

For Julio, yeah.

THat was my worry too. Maybe too heavy on ATL. Wait until after their bye if you can (week 5 I think).

I offered TY and Cohen. I love Fitz too much.

Do this if you can, I tried trading for Julio in my league and the dude wants Hunt and M. Thomas lmao

Sounds like a guy who always thinks he has a team full of studs and wants top dollar for garbage players too…

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