Trade for a TE?

I have Melvin Gordon and CMC. Someone in my league has Ertz and Reed. He’s been hounding me to package a trade with one of my RB’s for one of his TE’s and a WR. Example: CMC and Amari Cooper for Ertz and Julio. My RB’s are pretty thin… Isaiah Crowell, Ty Montgomery, TJ Yeldon, Corey Clement. But my WR’s are decent with Lockett, Keelan Cole, John Brown, Larry Fitz. Should I keep streaming TE’s or make a trade??

I would keep your RBs who will both finish as top 10 RBs if they stay healthy…
RBs are the most valuable position because of lack of depth at quality weekly starters…
If you trade either CMC or Gordon, you are putting yourself in a really bad spot at the RB position…
Keep your RB depth, stream TEs, and let him waste a roster spot on a bench TE


If you can get Julio and Ertz for CMC and Cooper I would strongly consider that. It’s not 100% that CMC is the best player in that trade as the argument could be made for Julio. Is it full point ppr?

If I was going to consider that I would make sure I had some sort of side deal with another owner in place to ship a couple of WR out for a starting RB.

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yes it is full PPR

that’s what Im thinking too but he also has Carlos Hyde who I think i can get packaged as well

I just see Ertz’s floor as a big advantage over most other teams. You have to work two deals here though to make this work for you. Start targeting guys like the Baldwin owner that have had to deal with injuries. If you can’t get another RB2 to replace losing CMC then I would do what the other guy said and keep streaming until you can orchestrate something.

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If you can somehow package Hyde in the trade to get back a weekly starting RB in return I would consider it then

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I love Hyde, not as much in PPR but he is getting volume right now that few in the league are.

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hyde and julio for CMC and cooper isn’t bad for me. but he’s trying to ship ertz so… that’s gotta be implemented somehow

Throw him tw0 WR and Crowell coming off some good showings for Etrz Julio and Hyde and see what happens. Maybe even an extra guy as there are always WR plays on the wire.

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just offered crowell, CMC, and cooper for hyde, julio, and ertz. he has edelman on the bench so he’s just trying to offer a package with a TE and WR to make room for edelman and whatever incoming RB he would receive

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Good offer. Hopefully that goes through.

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If you can’t get someone like Hyde out of this to support your RB depth I don’t think I’d take this trade.

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exactly what I was thinking. Thanks for all the advice y’all

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Declned my offer but countered with 2 trades:
CMC and Cooper for Julio and J Reed
CMC and Fitzgerald for Julio and J Reed

I wouldn’t accept either of those.

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overall i think the trade is fair but leaves my RBs very thin… i’d be starting crowell basically every week. So I agree with you

seeing if he’ll add Hyde for Crowell

would you take royce freeman over hyde?

No I’d def rather have Hyde. Freeman has to deal with Lindsay. Hyde is the clear RB1 workhorse right now.