Trade for a WR

Current team below. Thinking of trading CEH to grab another good WR. Not super confident in CEH. Would you stay put or try to upgrade and if so who would some possible targets be. Full PPR. Thanks



Edwards Helaire
Javonte Williams

Corey Davis
Fuller - In my IR Spot

I’d stay put, your WR’s are good enough to hold out for a bit and you have too many question marks at RB. You need to wait a couple weeks to see how they shake out. I agree with not being too confident in CEH but he is a starting back, and you need to see how Henderson and Williams perform before deciding if you have the RB depth to move on from him.

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Not a bad point. I’m on the fence

I’d trade CEH for Tyreek Hill or Davante Adams.

Same guy has both and I have tried before.

Other than Diggs who would be your next guys to target and would I still be ok at RB.


After Hill, Adams and Diggs, I would target, in order:

DeAndre Hopkins
Calvin Ridley
Justin Jefferson
CeeDee Lamb
DK Metcalf

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I have Ridley but appreciate the list. Thanks

Tried all of these straight up and no luck lol.

How far down would you go and any other suggestions

I like DJ Moore but might be an overpay.

You really never had any shot at them straight up.

For the moment I’d let week one play out. Somebody might give you an interesting offer once RBs of teams begin to fall with injuries.

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Thanks. Was looking at the Eckler owner. He is hurting for RB but best he has is Godwin.

Well, those are all the WRs with an equivalent ADP to CEH (or higher). I don’t know how highly you value CEH, but trading him for a player with a lower ADP before the season even begins seems like you’d be trading down, by definition.

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Give up Henderson for a D.J Moore type ?