Trade for Aaron Rodgers? (Dynasty)

I’m considering acquiring Aaron Rodgers in dynasty. What do you think? What will it take to trade for Rodgers?

My initial thoughts:

  1. His ADP is low (relative) right now which means he’s attainable.
  2. He probably has 3-4 more years.
  3. The NFC North is going to be a tough division (Vikings, Bears, Lions). I think GB will have to throw the ball.

Despite the above positive points, is now the time to pay up for Rodgers? As opposed to spending a fraction on a rookie QB with upside?

you can get 6 years out of him easy. dont always go off of ADP when thinking of trades. because maybe the guy who has him values him HIGHLY and wouldnt do it for less than 2 cows and a goat when all you want to offer is one cow. as for being in the NFC North, thats a mixed bag. should be fine against bears and lions, but vikings are looking scary for the next 1 or 2 years on D. then their contracts start coming up and that team will look a lot different. so none of that really scares me except, rodgers is also up for a contract soon. so what happens to his team when he commands 30-35 million a year? thats a lot of money that could surround him with talent. flip side of that, you could flip him on his contract year (which is nect year) to get max value back.

so if you really get into it, there are a lot of things to consider and ways this could play out. i would say go into it with a set amount, and if it seems right off the bat that he will e nowhere near that asking price, go young QB in the draft and hope that they dont bust out.

Last year, the week before Rodgers got hurt I traded him for gurley and a 2nd round pick.

My concern is that, while you may get 6 years, is it 6 years of the Rogers we know? A good deal of what makes him special is his athleticism and absurd arm. He isn’t Brady or Manning, and doesn’t play like them. He’s already had significant injuries, and he just lost the WR whose presence (and lack thereof) has made a stark affect on Rogers’ production. I am also not sold on this team’s ability to put a competent roster around him. Maybe his game evolves. Maybe the roster gets better. Idk. Unless the price really is depressed, I might be looking at a younger, cheaper option.

As a Packers fan, I find this question rather difficult. I have a soft spot for Rodgers, but I fee a lot of his fantasy production has been tied to the fact that he usually has a piss poor defense (shootouts) and no running game. I don’t see that issue being resolved in the near future, but I think I’m a few years he may be like Brees was for the Saints this year. He won’t NEED to throw the ball has much and his athleticism will decline as well.

If you can convince the current owner that his injury history as of late hasn’t been great (maybe comp to Romo) and he doesn’t have top tier receivers anymore you can probably get him for an older pairing of studs. Think McCoy and AJ Green. Otherwise you will probably have to pay big in terms of youth, talent, and draft picks.