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Trade for Aaron Rodgers


Rodgers owner now 2-4 looking to deal him before potentially dropping him. It’s a keeper league but 1st rounders can’t be kept.
I have Brady at QB buy Rodgers would be a great insurance policy if he’s back for our playoffs.
There is another owner also in playoff contention that is interested.
Would you try to get ARod and what sort of price would you be willing to pay for him.
I think I’m starting with Rob Kelley and Marquise Lee, they are just taking up bench spots
Any thought s footclan?


So if you pick him up you can’t keep him? Are you able to keep Brady? If you’re playing the “keep Rodgers from my opponent” game than thats definitely something to consider but I wouldnt pay much for that.


Brady I have for an 8 round until he retires or falls off. Rodgers was drafted in the first so he’s a rental.
Yes I’d pretty much be playing keep,away from my competitors.
The Rodgers owner is going to give me final refusal on an offer.


They want Derrick Henry from me


If Rodgers is not a potential keeper, and you’ve indicated that he’s not, then there is no reason to trade for him at all. He’s having surgery and likely won’t be back for the fantasy season. By trading for him you are losing an asset and wasting a bench spot.


Yup I agree with you there